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Raise Your Hand If You Need to Decompress?!

I work long hours, anywhere between 8 to 16 hour shifts. Over the course of my nursing tenure I have practiced many different ways to decompress. Pouring a nice glass of wine, lighting a candling and bumpin' the smooth melodies of Sade or Anita Baker gets me right every time.

Over the years I noticed healthcare is starting to turn towards holistic practices. Aromatherapy candles help you relax, feel calm, and help you release excess anxiety.

My favorite candles are Lavender & Lemongrass or Lavender & Vanilla.

  • Lavender helps relieve stress

  • Lemon helps relieve anxiety and depression

  • Vanilla helps the brain calm and combat anger

What's your favorite way to decompress? If you love candles like me drop a few scents and why you love them below!

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